The Return of Asteroth





Air Date

December 17, 1996


"To Catch A Duck"


"Puck Fiction"

"The Return of Asteroth" is the twentieth episode of series.


The sorcerer Asteroth, bearing the helmet of Set and his homunculus Balthar come to Earth to search for the Amulet of Asteroth, which the Ducks took from him as a souvenir of their last encounter.

Later Nosedive is reading one of his comic books when he receives a vision of Borg. Borg explains that it's the only way he contact Nosedive. Borg then tells Nosedive that he is warning him of danger. When Nosedive tells the other Ducks what he saw, they're at first skeptical, however, Borg manages to speak to them using The Ponds communication system.

Meanwhile, Asteroth and Balthar work to restore the power of the helmet of Set. As this is going on Phil stumble across the amulet while the Ducks aren't watching. He accidentally learns how to use it to grant himself whatever he wishes.

As Phil runs off with the amulet, Borg manages to open a portal to allow Nosedive and Duke back to the Kingdom of Anaheim. When they explain that they were unable to destroy the amulet themselves, he leads them to the blade, the Star Sword.

Back with the Ducks, they find the amulet gone and deduce Phil's involvement. Once they find him however, Asteroth soon appears as well and retries his amulet and captures the other Ducks.

Meanwhile after a lengthy battle with the sword's guardian, Duke manages to claim the sword, and using its powers returns the group to Earth.

Upon returning, Duke, Nosedive and Borg battle Asteroth. Duke is eventually able to use the Star Sword to completely destroy Asteroth's amulet. After Asteroth is defeated, Duke destroys the Helmet of Set as well. Asteroth and Balthar flee back to another dimension. Borg returns home, but leaves the Star Sword with the Ducks, stating it belongs with Duke now.

When the Ducks return home, they explain to Phil that they had no choice but to destroy the amulet. Duke leaves Phil (and us) these words of wisdom: "Careful what you wish for."


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  • The manner in which Duke obtains the Star Sword is similar to how king Arthur pulled his magical sword (sometimes mistaken for Excalibur) from the stone.

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