The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt





Air Date

December 20, 1996


"The Return of Dr. Droid"


"Duck Hard"

"The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt" is the twenty-third episode of 'series.


Tracking Lord Dragaunus's recent creation of a Salernite missile to the only place where the mineral can be found on Earth, a tiny island in the middle of the ocean.

There Wildwing, Tanya and Duke meet an eccentric recluse by the name Baron von Licktenstamp. He invites them to dinner, where they the Baron has a passion for hunting, with the walls of his mansion decked with the heads of his trophies.

The Ducks also learn the Baron is a crazed sport hunter who has allowed Dragaunus to mine the metal on his island in exchange for allowing him to hunt the Ducks as if they were animals. The Baron explains to the Ducks that he has done all this because he sought the ultimate challenge. While willing to give them a sporting chance at first, Licktenstamp goes into a rage when his beloved mechanical hawk is downed by Duke, unleashing the full force of his island upon them, including his own tank.

Eventually however the Ducks outsmart Licktenstamp. After he's dealt with Ducks confront and defeat Dragaunus Hunter Drones and force the Saurians mining operations to end. Later it's revealed the Ducks left the Baron stuck sitting in his wall as a living trophy, hanging him beside the animals to wait for the authorities.


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  • This episode is a parody of "The Most Dangerous Game".
  • Baron Von Lichtenstamp is called "Colonel Klunk" by Duke, a joking reference to Colonel Klink of "Hogan's Heroes".

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