Lord Dragaunus's interspace flight ship.

Vehicle OverviewEdit

The Raptor's engine is powered by bulerium crystals, a rare fuel which may very well not exist on the planet. The Ducks managed to destroy his original set of crystals, leaving the ship limping from place to place on mere impulse power. However, the ship is equipped with a cloaking device, allowing it to disguise itself as anything. Many of Dragaunus's evil plots consist of finding alternative ways to get his warship back in the air, since it is a key part to his conquest of earth.

Technology & WeaponsEdit

  • Scout ships: Dragaunus has a number of small aircraft, which can get him and his minions from place to place without using something as high-profile as the Raptor.
  • Hunter Drones: The Raptor hold an almost endless supply of robotic foot soldiers. Equipped with laser blasters, these mechanical minions can be teleported into a fight at a moment's notice, to turn the tables in battle.