MD puckworld

Puckworld is a planet in another universe, home of The Mighty Ducks Team. It is a very cold, icy planet, perfectly suited to the Ducks' favorite pastime, ice hockey.


Puckworld is a planet inhabited by a humanoid species duck-like aliens, who also call themselves ducks.

Attacks on PuckworldEdit

During its long history, the existence of the planet has been threatened by the actions of aliens known as the Saurians on at least two occasions.

In ancient time Puckworld was once taken over by the Saurian Overlords. The Saurians conquered the Ducks using sorcery and sinister forces that enabled them to 'cloak' themselves making themselves virtually invisible. The Saurians then ruled from the shadows.

A small band of noble rebels, led by the legendary Drake DuCaine, eventually lead a rebellion against them. First he created The Mask, device, programmed with all the noble qualities of the sacred art of hockey. Once he donned the Mask, Drake DuCaine lead the ducks against the Saurian Overlords and, later managed to imprison them all in dimensional limbo.

The inhabitants of Puckworld were once again free to live in peace, and follow that noblest of callings hockey. As time passed, the accomplishments of Drake DuCaine and the Mask faded into legend. So, when the last of the Saurian Overlords, Dragaunus, escaped his dimensional prison, his sneak attack took Puckworld completely by surprise.

Only one duck, Canard Thunderbeak, remembered the stories of Drake DuCaine and the Mask. Uncovering the Mask in an ancient tomb, Canard brought together a group of resistance fighters, the six specialists to defeat the Saurian Overlord. When Dragaunus and his henchmen escaped through a dimensional gateway, Canard sacrificed himself so that the rest of the team could pursue.


Puckworld is an icey planet, with a human-like breathable atmosphere and similar gravity to earth. Their cities were once very advanced and impressive.


The one thing virtually all inhabitants of Puckworld seem to enjoy above all else is the sport of ice hockey.

Notable InhabitantsEdit