Nosedive Flashblade

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The First Face-Off (Part 1)




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The Mighty Ducks Team


Wildwing Flashblade


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Nosedive Flashblade is the tritagonist of the show. He is Wildwing Flashblade's younger brother, and the youngest member of the Mighty Ducks team.

Character BiographyEdit

Nosedive is Wildwing's younger brother who initially was not intended to be part of Canard's resistance. However, Wildwing made Canard take Nosedive with them: "If you want me," he noted, "Then my brother's part of the deal." Once they reach Earth, Nosedive becomes an official member of the team, both on the hockey team and the crime fighting team.

Nosedive is more childish and easy-going than the other Ducks, and often looks toward his older brother for support and protection. Nosedive can be very likable, making friends with teammate Grin, and humans Thrash and Mookie. He wears body armor, but not as much as Wildwing. He usually uses a Puck Blaster and rides a Duckcycle.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Power Play: "Yo, Grin. This is no time for a flashback!"
  • The Human Factor: "Every time we save the world that guy yells at us! Humans are such a bunch of... people."
  • Duck Hard: "Yeah. We’re in a life and death struggle with Phil’s fashion sense."


  • Nosedive is by far the team's most impulsive and immature member who is similar to the character Michelangelo of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". His character may have been influenced by Michelangelo—the two series were initially penned by the same writer.
  • Nosedives favorite color appears to be blue, mostly because he used several shades of blue for the weapons console on the Zambonie in the episode The Iced Ducks Cometh.
  • Nosedive's jersey number is 33.
  • Nosedive often "breaks the 4th wall" by acknowledging they are on a show and even talking to the audience directly. He isn't the only one; Tanya Vanderflock and several others also do so but he is the most common offender.