Monster Rally





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November 16, 1996


"Duck Hard"


"The Final Face-Off"

"Monster Rally" is the twenty-fifth episode of series.


One day, the Ducks encounter some unusual criminals. A group of free-versing monster truck hipsters, out trying to steal engine parts. During the battle one of the hipsters, Daddy-O-Cool is impressed with the Migrator. He quickly becomes determined to get his hands on the vehicle and it's engine before fleeing the scene.

Unfortunately, the Migrator was badly damaged in the battle and Tanya suggest that it may be time the team swap it out for something a bit more durable. She then shows the others the Mega-Migrator. Nosedive is impressed but the others are so used to the old Migrator and uncertain if they should give up on it. So the team decides to take the new vehicle for a test run.

Later, Phil approaches the Ducks with an invitation to a special monster truck rally. Wilding is at first unsure, but figures it would be a good test run for the Mega-Migrator.

When the Ducks arrive, they discover the rally is a defunct speedway, and a place to trap them. They attempt to fight back, but many of the Mega-Migrator's systems have bugs in them. None of the Mega-Migrators weapons or defensive systems work and the Ducks are soon captured.

Daddy-O-Cool reveals it his mission to share his mutation with the rest of the world. His master plan was to contaminate a major water supply with the same toxic waste that had changed him, using a special monster truck powered by the engine from the new Mega-Migrator.

Once he's placed the Mega-Migrator's engine into his trucks he leaves. The Ducks manage to escape O-Cool's death trap, Wildwing and Mallory rush to head him off. Meanwhile Nosedive and *Grin attempt to place the original engine from O-Cool's truck into the battered Mega-Migrator. Sadly the Mega-Migrator can't take the stress, and promptly explodes. Fortunately, Tanya appears moments later in the repaired original Migrator.

Meanwhile, Wilding and Mallory aren't having much success stopping Daddy-O-Cool and his gang. Until the others arrive in the Migrator. Wildwing managed to crash O-Cool's monster truck before it can poison any water. O-Cool is uninjured from the crash, but gets re-submerged in the toxic waste, and is restored to his former self, an insurance salesman.


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