Mondo Man





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November 9, 1996


"The Iced Ducks Cometh"


"Jurassic Puck"

"Mondo-Man" is the seventeenth episode of series.


One day, while trying to stop a crime in progress by Siege and Chameleon, the Ducks are distracted by a odd young man in a garish costume calling himself, "Mondo Man". Mondo Man gets himself hurt and allows the Saurians to get away. Mondo Man quickly blames the Ducks for his mistake and claims loudly that he will prove humans are better superheroes than alien before leaving.

The next day, at Thrash and Mookie's store, Nosedive Flashblade bumps into a young man by the name Alvin Yasbeck, a comic book loving chemistry genius, who claims to want superpowers in order to help people. Nosedive is less than impressed and believes Alvin really wants to be a superhero to be noticed.

When Dragaunus hears from Siege and Chameleon about Alvin's distracting the Ducks, he seizes on an idea. He kidnaps Alvin, then claiming to be benevolent and falsely persecuted and hounded by the Ducks. Pumps Alvin up with his DNA Accelerator, turning him into a super powered human like he'd always wanted.

Captain Klegghorn is willing to support the efforts of human superhero "Mondo Man" over a team of aliens as soon as he appears.

Meanwhile, Dragaunus uses the opportunity to summon an ancient alien race known as The Czarks. Dragaunus explains to his crew that the Czarks sole purpose is to travel throughout the galaxy and dispense valuable knowledge to peoples that they deem worthy and advanced enough. Though he has summoned the Carks to their bulerium crystals. Dragaunus has Mondo Man attack the Czarks, fooling him into thinking their invader and has him steal the crystals.

When the Ducks learn of this they confront Mondo Man and try to explain to Alvin that he'd been lied too. Sadly Alvin refuses to listen and takes the crystals to Dragaunus, Dragaunus then betrays Alvin and reversed the effects of the DNA accelerator with so much as a push of a button. Thus Alvin looses all his Mondo Man powers and turns back into exactly what he was. Fortunately the Ducks are still able to intercept the saurian before they can use the crystals.

The crystals were recovered, and the Czarks quickly depart after admitting that they only offered ultimate knowledge as a means impressing people. Alvin was captured by the Ducks and Klegghorn admits to being wrong about the boy.


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  • This is the third episode in which Wraith fails to appear.

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