Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome





Air Date

December 6, 1996


"A Traitor Among Us"


"The Human Factor"

"Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome" is the sixth episode of series.


While Lord Dragaunus attempts to manufacture another a new batch of Balerium Crystals to power the Raptor's engines, the Ducks attend a hockey game for charity.

Upon entering the stadium, the Ducks learn the event was actually a deception. And the stadium transforms into a space craft. The spaceship brings them to another planet, where they are forced to play a game of Space Hockey.

They then meet Kazor, captain of the guard to the evil Emperor Charg and Weasel, the emperor's advisor. After Mallory finishes her solo game she attempts to assassinate the emperor, but fails. In the next round Duke is pitted against Kazor himself. Duke learns Kazor was placed in the games for failing in his duties (thanks to Weasel's machinations), and that if he defeats Kazor, the former captain of the guard would be executed. Duke decides to throw the game in order to save Kazor's life.

Later the entire team is placed in an uphill battle against a team of intergalactic hockey champions. Only now whomever loses, would be disintegrated by the end of the game. When all seems lost, Kazor steps in to the arena to assist. Once the opposing team is defeated, the Ducks and Kazor scramble to escape Hockeydome together.

Weasel corners the group as they attempt to use a teleportation pad and attempts to call the guards. Kazor is faster and teleports Weasel to unknown coordinates. When the Ducks ask Kazor to join them on Earth, he politely refuses. Stating before he teleports them home that he will instead teleport to the star system of Altair 4, where he intends to lead a band of rebels, fighting to stop the brutality of the Hockeydome games.

Meanwhile, back on Earth Dragaunus is boasting as the Balerium finish crystalizing. But just as the crystals are almost ready, the Ducks teleport into the warehouse and destroy the crystals and the machine making them. Dragaunus howls in a rage as he and the other Saurians escape.


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  • The episode is a parody of the "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" film.

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