Dungeons and Ducks





Air Date

October 4, 1996


"Beak to the Future"



"Dungeons and Ducks" is the ninth episode of series.


When all the Ducks, save *Grin are sent to a dimension where magic rules, they make a new friend in the young elf prince Borg, whom is attempting to defeat the evil wizard Asteroth, and free his kingdom.

Borg guided the ducks to Asteroth's castle, once a place of peace, now the dark wizards twisted palace full of deadly traps. Together the ducks and Borg made their way past Asteroth's traps and to the thrown room.

Upon being confronted directly, Asteroth used his powers to transform into a gigantic red dragon. By working together, Duke was able cut the Amulet of Asteroth from Asteroth's neck. Without the amulet Asteroth was beaten, and made a hasty retreat.

With Asteroth gone and the kingdom of Anaheim restored. Borg used Asteroth's powerful amulet to return the Ducks back to earth.


Main Characters
Guest Characters


  • This episode is a direct parody of "Dungeons and Dragons game".
  • For some reason, Wraith does not appear in this episode.

Last Episode - "Beak to the Future" Next Episode - "MicroDucks"

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