Chip Delaney is the son of Tom Delaney, the mayor of a small suburban town called Sunnyville.

Background HistoryEdit

Chip was a young man very devoted to the sport of hockey. He was an All-State junior team member as well. One day the mad scientist, Doctor Pretorius arrived in the town of Sunnyville and abducted Chip, along with everyone else. Chip was rendered unconscious and replaced by the doctor with a robot look alike. When The Mighty Ducks Team was stopped as another part of Pretorius's plot. As Pretorius's scheme was put into play, the team wandered around Sunnyville to take in the sights. Wildwing Flashblade chose to play a little hockey with the Chip robot, who's devotion to the sport sparked the memory in Wildwing of his friend Canard Thunderbeak. Unfortunately, the robot soon overpowered Wildwing, as the veil of peace over the town was lifted. Though the real Chip was eventually rescued by Nosedive Flashblade, while the robot imposter was destroyed.