Buzz Blitzman

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Buzz Blitzman- Mighty Duck!












The Mighty Ducks Team


Unknown (deceased)


Mallory McMallard
The Mighty Ducks Team
Phil Palmfeather

Buzz Blitzman is a young boy, who also happens to be a technology genius.

Character BiographyEdit

The young Buzz has had many ideas, which have spawned a wave of inventions for Unbridled Technologies, where he is employed. He also may be the biggest Mighty Ducks fan the team has ever known, idolizing the Ducks and harboring a secret crush on Mallory.

However, Buzz's life isn't all positive. Orphaned at a very young age when an accident killed both of his parents, Buzz lives in an Unbridled Technologies facility, watched over by his well-meaning but overbearing guardian. Buzz's wish is to be just like the Ducks, able to go where he wants and do what he wants.

When he finally escapes his guardian and gets a chance to meet the team, Buzz is kidnapped by the Saurians, who want the formula that Buzz has devised to chemically manufacture bulerium crystals. Although he has no skills at being a hero, Buzz's knowledge and a little trickery come through to help the team through the crisis. As a reward for his help, Buzz is made an honorary member of the Mighty Ducks, and earns a little more freedom from his guardian.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Buzz Blitzman- Mighty Duck!: "It's engines roared to life as the Mighty Ducks took off for danger! The Aerowing blasted skyward heading straight for, adventure! The Ducks had triumphed once again thanks to their newest member, Buzz Blitzman... Mighty Duck!"


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