Bringing Down Baby





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November 23, 1996


"Zap Attack"


"Power Play"

"Bringing Down Baby" is the twelfth episode of series.


The ducks discover Siege and Wraith apparently trying to steal a recently returned space capsule. Upon closer inspection they find a large crystal had become attached to the device. Uncertain why Dragaunus would want it, they take it back to The Pond for safety.

Once back at the Pond the Ducks discover that the crystal was no crystal at all, it is in fact an egg. The egg hatches to reveal an alien that imprints on Nosedive as its parent, Nosedive affectionately names it "Baby".

Unfortunately, "Baby" starts eating up the electronics in the Pond. And for some reason he starts mutating into a huge monster seemingly vicious. The Ducks soon discover that Dragaunus had intended for them to find the egg and take it with them.

Soon "Baby" has gotten so big and violent that Wildwing believes the force is the only way to stop him. Nosedive instead tries to reason with his "Little Buddy". Thankfully "Baby" recognizes Nosedive and stops his rampage.

Together, Nosedive and "Baby' track down the Saurians, forcing them to retreat. Sadly, "Baby" is hasn't returned to his smaller size. Tanya realizes that "Baby" had been eating the substance Balonium. She reverses the polarity of a chunk of Balonium. but warns she can't control the dosage. Meaning if "Baby" eats it, he'll go back to his crystal egg form. Sadly everyone agrees that it's the only option open to them. Nosedive gives "Baby" the Balonium, which he eats despite knowing something is wrong with it thanks to Nosedives encouragement. Doing so shrinks "Baby" back to his cocoon form.

After returning to his crystal form the team places "Baby's" crystal cocoon inside their freezer until they can find food for him that wont make him grow monster-sized.


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  • The title of the episode is a reference to the title to a "Tale Spin" episode "Bringing Down Babyface".
  • Chameleon does not appear in this episode.

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