A Traitor Among Us





Air Date

September 13, 1996


"Phil in the Blank"


"Zap Attack"

"A Traitor Among Us" is the fifth episode of the first season.


The attractive double agent, Lucretia DeCoy is hired by Lord Dragaunus to trick the ducks into acquiring a chip hidden deep in a mountainside. Leaving Nosedive and Duke smitten, with only Tanya aware of her true identity.

Once Lucretia incapacitates Tanya and ties her up to keep her from revealing her identity to the rest of the team. Lucretia proceeded to flirt with both Nosedive and Duke, leading them to trust her completely. After leading them into some traps, Tanya arrived at the last minute and save the rest of the team, at which point Wilwing reveals there's no need to go after Lucretia or Dragaunus, since he'd become suspicious of her and sabotaged the chip to foil there plans.

Dragaunus was in fact so angry at her failure, he sent her into dimensional limbo, imprisoning her there seemingly forever. Not long after the ducks arrive and Dragaunus and his men retreat.


Main Characters
Guest Characters


Last Episode - "Phil in the Blank" Next Episode - "Mad Quacks from Beyond the Hockeydome"

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