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Bringing Down Baby




Unknown Alien Creature








The Mighty Ducks Team


Nosedive Flashblade (adoptive parent)


Nosedive Flashblade
The Mighty Ducks Team

"Baby" is the name given to a young alien hatchling adopted by Nosedive.

Character BiographyEdit

After finding a crystal that had been floating in outer-space attached to a recovered Earth satellite, Dragaunus quickly discoved the crystals' true nature. In doing so he decided to use the object to further his plans for world conquest.

So Dragaunus set up a trap, he had Siege and Wraith quickly re-attach the crystal and wait for the ducks to arrive on the scene. Once they did, Siege and Wraith abandoned both the satellite and the crystal. The ducks, thinking Dragaunus had wanted the crystal for himself, take it back to The Pond. Once they begin to study the crystal, they find out that the crystal isn't a crystal at all. It is infact, an egg. And so, Nosedive christens the creature "Baby". Now the ducks are stuck with a very adorable baby alien who thinks Nosedive is it's parent.

Unfortunately, despite it's affections for them, "Baby" starts eating up the Balonium out of the electronics in the Pond. And pretty soon, he's not so cute anymore. For some reason he turns into a huge monster. The ducks discover that Dragaunus had planned for them to find the egg and it was all part of his plan. Despite protests from the rest of the team, and the risk to himself. Nosedive tries to reason with the beast that was once his "Little Buddy". Thankfully "Baby" recognizes Nosedive and stops his rampage. And together, he and Nosedive find and attack the Saurians, forcing them to retreat. Unfortunately, "Baby" is still a rather large beast. Tanya reversed the polarity of the Balonium which shrunk "Baby" back to his cocoon form. Nosedive manages to convince him that he must do so, and that it's for the best. After he's returned to his crystal form the team places it inside their freezer until such time they can find food for him that wont make him grow into a monster again.

Memorable QuotesEdit


  • Although the exact name of it's species is never revealed, upon Baby's hatching Mallory referrers to him as an "Intergalactic Teddy Bear".